Michael Diemer, Composer

Welcome to the website of Michael Diemer, composer. I use the technonlogy of the computer to bring my musical compositions to life. I created this page so I can share my music with fellow composers, family, friends and anyone else who finds classical music a joy to listen to.

The links will take you to Box.com. Just click on the audio player. I strongly advise headphones if you don't have good speakers. You are free to listen to my music here anytime. I don't allow downloads at this time. This is to prevent unauthorized use. My music is copyrighted. It is my intellectual property. I have worked extremely hard to create it. I ask you to respect that. Thank you for visiting this site. I hope you enjoy listening to my music. The three pieces below comprise my orchestral suite, Three Winter Scenes. 
[Solstice - Skating - Late February: A Dream Of Spring]

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